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Our Best Features

Growing Hot

Update Amazon product data in the millions daily and find the most promising new products through machine learning for you.

Category Overview

The fastest way to locate a category and get an overview, including all the product data with additional analysis of size, color and other detailed information that may also be available.

Monitor Center

Your competitors may monitor you even though you do not monitor them. Use Datartery to keep a close eye on every variation of other competing products and their keyword ranking history.

Reviews Trends

Review trends help us to understand the historical sales trends by calculating and analysing the history and sales of every product.

Data Security

We strongly respect and protect the privacy of all sellers and strictly guarantee the security of user data. We will never make a direct or indirect profit by selling your data.

More Features

Willing to listen to and understand every Amazon seller's demands in depth. Always concentrating on the development sof more useful functions.


We support stores in the
US, UK, DE, JP, FR, IT & ES.

  • supports the US stores
  • Most functions including Monitoring center are available for multiple sites
  • More product sourcing functions are beingtested for all sites!
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How much you use, how much you pay, at least a few cents daily

  • Free use of basic services
  • The advanced srvice is charged according to the amount of use, and it will never waste a penny.
  • Recharge conveniently, support PayPal
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Datartery?

Datartery is an Amazon analytics tool tailored to help Amazon sellers in product selection and operation. It enables you to discern the market trend in real time, monitor various data easily,boost traffic significantly and observe operation results visually, thereby successfully building the most popular product lines.


How is the price?

Datartery provides different monthly packages with different capacities. What sellers need to do is just subscribing the suitable one.


Which sites are supported?

Supports the US,UK,DE,JP,FR,IT,ES stores by now.


Do I need to bind my Amazon seller account?



Will there be any danger of information lossor theft by using Datartery?

Datartery promises to respect and protect the privacy of all sellers and will never sell personally-identifying information to anyone for direct or indirect profit. In accordance with relevant state regulators, any loss or theft of users' private data must be published by law.


Any user guide?

Yes, please click the Tutorial button on the page to get the instruction.